National Garden Clubs Awards List

An overview of NGC Awards

From funding the construction of a beautiful children’s garden to forming programs to battle invasive plants, National Garden Clubs is full of leaders with a desire to improve our world. These award recipients truly strive to achieve NGC’s mission and share our vision for a more beautiful tomorrow. We acknowledge those who have put forth endless effort to educate youth on the importance of gardening and horticulture; those who tirelessly work to grow club memberships; those who passionately strive to help their community—both locally and globally. We are proud of our 2016 and 2017 winners and thank them for all they have done for NGC!

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Flower Show Achievement Awards

Please note: when applying for Flower Show Achievement Awards for shows held in 2017, you must use the old rules, old forms, and old Scales of Points from 2015-2017 (see below).

Click here for Standard Flower Show Achievement Awards Rules

Please see Awards Application page for forms and information relating to NGC Standard Flower Show Achievement Awards.

Clubs cannot apply for any of the new Flower Show Awards in 2017. The new awards are not effective until January of 2018, for 2018 shows and beyond. Revised Flower Show Achievement Awards rules for 2018-2019 will be listed in January of 2018 on the NGC website.