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With a history tracing back to 1891, National Garden Clubs, Inc. (NGC), has inspired, educated and supported generations of gardeners, and grown to become the largest volunteer organization of its type in the U.S.

NGC is a not-for-profit organization that brings together nearly 190,000 members and 5,800 local garden clubs coast-to-coast. The organization comprises many of the nation's most respected botanic gardens and plant societies, along with:

Membership in National Garden Clubs, Inc. begins at the local club level with meetings, speakers, courses, flower shows and civic improvement projects of particular interest to an individual club's members. For those who wish to expand their gardening horizons, there are numerous networking opportunities through a variety of state, regional and national meetings, educational programs and schools.

Men, women and kids of all ages and backgrounds are active in garden club activities and community service projects. Today's garden clubs creatively address current issues, such as sustainability and conservation, beautification of public spaces, combatting invasive plants, and protecting aquatic eco-systems.

Get Connected

To locate garden clubs in your area, contact headquarters at National Garden Clubs, Inc. or contact your state or local organization via the state garden club websites.

Additional information is available in our membership brochure titled: "Grow Your World and Green Your Community by Joining a Garden Club".

Starting a Garden Club

National Garden Clubs welcomes start-up clubs that can be tailored specifically to a group's needs and interests. NGC and its state-level organizations can help you get started and provide access to the wealth of resources and networking opportunities that our global reach offers. Click here to learn more about starting a new garden club.