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Plantings for Public and Special Places is a 2011-2013 President's Project. Representing three areas of interest; Gardens with Edibles, Container Gardens, Trees and Shrubs, this project recognizes ALL garden club service to communities when members provide Plantings for Public and Special Places. These plantings can beautify, have environmental value or provide sustenance. Possibilities exist for every garden club, regardless of its size, resources, and energy levels. Clubs, districts and regions will be awarded Certificates of Appreciation and Participation by the NGC President. Details regarding categories and monetary awards will be printed on the NGC website. To receive this recognition, participants are asked to submit an online form, available on the NGC website, along with a before and after digital photo. Updates and TIPS that will inform and stimulate your creative gardening minds will be posted on the NGC website. 

Garden clubs may submit online forms for any or all of the three (3) areas of interest listed below. Submission deadlines are April 1, 2012 and April 1, 2013. Plantings for Public and Special Places aligns extremely well with other areas of interests of our garden club outreach: Blue Star Memorial Markers, Habitat for Humanity Gardens, Penny Pines, Plant It Pink, Sage and Roses, and Arbor Day ceremonies, to name a few. Imagine the possibilities!

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