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Disaster Relief for National and International Disasters

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Natural Disasters USA Fund Extends a Helping Hand

The Natural Disasters USA Fund was introduced during the Administration of Deen Day Sanders, NGC President 1999-2001. At that time, members contributed to the World Gardening Fund. Since many states suffered from local natural disasters each year in the form of floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, ice storms, and wildfires, NGC members expressed a desire to assist member and state clubs with their local restoration efforts replacing trees, "re-greening" parks, and restoring public gardens.

Thanks to the generous donations of the NGC membership, over $60,000 in grants have been awarded to 22 clubs in the past three years for their restoration projects on recommendation of the Natural Disasters USA Committee. Upon review by this committee, a member club or State Garden Club may receive up to $5000 per natural disaster project if they meet the requirements. Funds are available at this time! Send all grant applications with supporting data to this chairman for committee review.

To date, clubs in Alabama, Connecticut, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey. New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Vermont and Virginia have qualified for grants, and have been most grateful to receive this monetary assistance for their restoration efforts.

The Natural Disasters USA Fund reflects the garden club spirit and deep commitment not only to preserve and conserve our natural resources for generations to come, but it has also brought to light the bond existing among garden clubs, as evidenced by their willing commitment to come to the aid of fellow clubs across the country as they struggle to restore their parks and gardens from ravages of natural disasters.

Make a Donation

Don't break this bond! Let's keep this fund alive! You can donate now online, or send your donations to NGC Headquarters earmarked for Natural Disasters USA Fund, so that we may continue to lend a helping hand to our fellow clubs in their time of need. Contributions to this fund are considered NGC, Inc. donor restricted, and will be used solely for the purpose of natural disasters. Your contribution may also be tax deductible; please consult your tax advisor.

Apply for Public Area Funds

A garden club or clubs may apply for funds to help replant, restore and beautify a public area that has been damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, floods, fires, etc.

The restoration project is to be sponsored by State Garden Club or Member Clubs.  A member club may receive up to $5,000 per disaster project and may receive no more that $5,000 per disaster within the NGC Fiscal Year.

Information needed to apply:

  • Completed application form
  • Nature and severity of disaster
  • Location of area to be restored
  • Proposed restoration plan by garden clubs
  • Estimated itemized costs of your project
  • Other funds received toward restoration project

All applications are reviewed by the Natural Disasters, USA Chairman and Committee.


For more information or questions concerning the application process, contact:
Cynthia Kozakewich, Chairman: Natural Disasters USA