Plant America Community Project Grants

Community Project Grants Awards

Congratulations to the Garden Clubs that have been awarded PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grants! Over 400 grant applications were received. These are the garden clubs awarded the amount of funding that was requested – up to $1,000, for recognition and support of their community gardening efforts.

  • A&M Garden Club, Texas
  • Anna-Jo Garden Club, Illinois
  • Arrowhead Garden Club, Missouri
  • Atkinson Garden Club, New Hampshire
  • Avon-on-the-Lake Garden Club, Ohio
  • Boynton Beach Garden Club, Florida
  • Brattleboro Floral Arts & Garden Club, Vermont
  • Centennial Garden Club, National Capital Area
  • Coastal Garden Club, North Carolina
  • Ellsworth Garden Club, Maine
  • Fort Benjamin’s Blossoms Garden Club, Indiana
  • Galaxy Garden Club, Mississippi
  • Garden Club of Fleming Island, Florida
  • Garden Club of Manchester, Vermont
  • Garden Lovers Club of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Green Thumb Garden Club of Cranford, New Jersey
  • Grenada Garden Club, Mississippi
  • Laurel Garden Club of West Springfield/Burke, National Capital Area
  • Norristown Garden Club, Pennsylvania
  • Optimistic Gardeners Club, Tennessee
  • Oxford Garden Club, Mississippi
  • Petaluma Garden Club, California
  • Plum Beach Garden Club, Rhode Island
  • Portage Garden Club, Michigan
  • Pottstown Area Garden Club, Pennsylvania
  • Prairie Garden Club, Wyoming
  • San Augustine Garden Club, Texas
  • Shaler Garden Club, Pennsylvania

The scope and variety of projects being implemented by these clubs is remarkable. Thank you to the garden club members for their enthusiastic response to this new grant program that is the initiative of National Garden Clubs President Nancy Hargroves.

Providing Financial Support to Club Projects

National Garden Clubs, Inc. has established a new grant program for clubs entitled PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grants with a simple application process. The purpose of the grant program is to provide financial support for new or existing club projects in their respective communities all across the United States. This fund will be a permanent fund with grants being given for each two-year administration.

The first grants will be given during the 2017-2019 administration. Individual garden clubs that are members of National Garden Clubs, Inc. may apply for funds up to $1,000 for the direct expenses of projects. The deadline for applications is November 1, 2017. Recipients of grants will be notified, and all money will be awarded by January 31, 2018. Projects must be completed by June 2019. Final reports are due within two months after the completion of the project or by July 1, 2019.

Project Eligibility

Projects submitted for receiving a grant may be a joint venture with another organization/s. The scope of these projects in communities may include:

  • Beautification and/or restoration
  • Community gardens
  • School gardens/classrooms
  • Landscaping for Habitat for Humanity Homes
  • Landscaping of Blue Star Memorial Markers
  • Implementation of environmental practices
  • A horticulture or environmental educational event for the public

Grant Amount: Up to $1,000.00 is available to be used for direct expenses of projects

Who May Apply: Individual garden clubs that are members of National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Application Deadline: November 1, 2017. Recipients of grants will be notified, and all money will be awarded by January 31, 2018. Projects must be completed by May 2019, and final report forms are due by July 1, 2019.

Application Information

Send the completed application form
and budget to:

Program Criteria

In evaluating grant applications, priority will be given to projects that emphasize one or more of these elements:

  • Benefits to the community
  • Involvement and participation by club members
  • Project visibility/location of the project
  • Clearly stated plan for future maintenance and/or monitoring of the project

Creation of the Grant Fund

The grant fund will be established by:

  • Donations from individuals, corporations and foundation
  • Donations by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Funding Guidelines

Grants will not be provided for:

  • Purchase of Blue Star Memorial Markers
  • Competitive Flower Shows
  • Projects in which the club does not participate in some aspect
  • Private gardens
  • Salaries or benefits of personnel
  • Political action programs
  • Eagle Scout projects
  • Capital drives and building funds
  • Scholarships and endowments
  • Lawsuits and litigation
  • Overhead costs

Final Report:

Within two months of project completion, or by July 1, 2019, please submit the following:

  • A short one-page report describing the project including photos
  • A copy of the final financial report including all income and expenses
  • A copy of any publicity

NOTE: Please indicate if permission has been given for use of photos by NGC in print or on the website. A release form for adults and minors can be found here.


For more information, contact:
Betty Cookendorfer, Chairman: Plant America