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Design Study Units

Adult Design Study Courses

For those who want to learn more about basic flower arranging or about creative table settings to enhance their homes, the Design Study Units offered by NGC are the answer. Beginning or experienced arrangers will receive valuable "how-to" information, as well as many ideas to inspire creativity.

Design Study Unit I: Basic Flower Arranging

Consists of six lesson plans. Includes selecting & conditioning plant materials, mechanics, creating vertical line designs; horizonal line design; vertical line-mass design; mass design; using weathered wood; using fruits, vegetables and accessories.

Design Study Unit II: Creative Tables For The Home

Covers a broad spectrum of information needed for setting exciting and creative tables. The manual for this course contains information on many different types of table settings: buffet; informal tables for everyday or for parties and special occasions; semi-formal, elegant tables; tea or reception tables; trays. It also covers the selection of table appointments; how to work with color, textures, patterns; introducing creativity to table settings; and creating the floral arrangement. Features horizontal design for table settings; crescent design; Hogarth curve design.

Design Study Unit III: Fun with Miniatures

This course covers mechanics, plant material conditioning, containers, elements and principles of design with emphasis on line design, asymmetrical design, interpretative design, mass design and collages.

Design Study Unit IV: Household Treasures

This course covers plant material conditioning and principles of element and design. It features designs using a candle; wreath type design, designs with fruits & veggies, decorative wood, design in pitcher and designs in a vegetable/fruit.

Youth Design Study Courses

Youth Design Study Unit I: Basic Flower Arranging

This unit provides basic guidelines as an introduction to creating floral designs.

Youth Design Study Unit II: Floral Design for the Beginner

This unit has value to all ages of flower arrangers!

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Design Study Unit 1 (includes 6 study units in this one publication)

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National Flower Arrangers

The National Flower Arrangers is an organization for the advancement of floral design. Its purpose is to work together to gain knowledge and share. Anyone interested in the study of floral design may join.

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