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Form 01-2: Curriculum Guide for Gardening Study Schools (After August 2015)
Form 01-1: Curriculum Guide for Gardening Study Schools (Before August 2015)
Form 05-1: Permission Statement Course Registration
Form 05-2: Student Roster Combination
Form 05-3: Refresher Roster Combination
Form 05-4: Course Summary
Form 05-5: Attendance Record
Form 05-6: Instructors Credentials
Form 05-7: Instructors Agreement
Form 05-8: Student Record
Form 05-9: Master Record
Form 05-10: Gardening Consultant Certificate Application
Form 05-11: Refresher Certificate Application
Form 05-12: Refresher Reminder
Form 05-13: Emeritus Status Application
Form 05-14: Extension Application
Form 05-15: Reinstatement Application
Form 05-16: Judging Garden Tours
Form 05-17: GS Chairman Task Checklist
Form 05-18: Local Chairman Task Checklist
Form 05-19a: Paperwork Course I
Form 05-19b: Paperwork Course II
Form 05-19c: Paperwork Course III
Form 05-19d: Paperwork Course IV
Form 05-20: Gardening Study Schools Sample Brochure Registration
Form 05-21: Gardening Study Schools Guide for Students and Consultants
Form 05-22: Gardening Study Schools Certificate of Completion
Form 05-23: Gardening Study Schools Sample Bylaws
Gardening Study Schools and Councils Directory 2017-2019
Gardening Study Schools Committee 2017-2019