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Advanced Study For Flower Show Judges

Symposium is an in-depth course of design, horticulture and allied subjects pertaining to flower shows that is more advanced than presented in Flower Show Schools. These courses are primarily intended for Flower Show Judges to maintain their credentials, but all garden club members interested in learning more about flower shows, floral design and horticulture are encouraged to attend.

All NGC Accredited Flower Show Judges are required to attend NGC Symposiums in order to remain in Good Standing. Good Standing is necessary if a judge wishes to continue judging and evaluating flower shows. By attending and passing all Point Scoring Examinations, a judge advances from Accredited Judge to Accredited Life Judge and finally Accredited Master Judge.

2014 Symposium Schedule

June 2-4, 2014 | Rochester, NY
Local Registrar: Lucy Volland | (716) 833-0494
Design: Jean Moran | color for design
Horticulture: David Robson | hosta & heuchera, allied topic: "so you think you know your handbook?"

June 12-13, 2014 | Lawrence, KS
Local Registrar: Elaine Holmstrom | (785) 267-6316
Design: Lynn Fronk | creative design, functional tables, allied topic: miniatures
Horticulture: David Robson | salvia and heuchera, allied topic: how well do you know your handbook?

June 15-17, 2014 | Durham, NC
Local Registrar: Jinny Marino | (919) 969-0022
Design - Julia Clevett | "creativity, it's new techniques & trends", allied topic "useful design comments"
Horticulture, Jim Schmidt | hostas & hydrangeas, allied topic: "what kind of judge are you?"

June 17-19, 2014 | Houston, TX
Local Registrar: Jody Rogers | (817) 488-7789
Design: Gina Jogan | assemblage & construction, allied topic: "fiberwork!"
Horticulture: David Robson | combination planting - troughs and bromeliads

July 8-9, 2014 | Cincinnati, OH
Local Registrar: Jeri Timon | (513) 451-4247
Design - Jo Krallman | tables, allied topic: leaf manipulation
Horticulture: Jim Schmidt | lilies, allied topic: "what kind of judge are you?"

July 9-10, 2014 | Great Falls, MT
Local Registrar: Elaine Dow | (406) 788-4190
Design: Claudia Chopp | underwater and illuminary designs, allied topic: floral design techniques
Horticulture: David Robson | petunias and day lilies, allied topic: "so you think you know your handbook?"

July 20-22, 2014 | Athens, GA
Local Registrar: Linda Ragland | (770) 410-5819
Design: Penny Decker | "color and the creative you", allied topic: "the hidden influences in judging"
Horticulture: Darlene Newell | vines and conifers, allied topic: "wheel of hortulana"

July 28-29, 2014 | Marshalltown, IA
Local Registrar: Loretta Daisy | (712) 464-3606
Design: Liz Murken | pot-et-fleur and op art
Horticulture: Judy Newman | zinia and roses, allied topics: rain gardens and plants for rain gardens

August 3-5, 2014 | Auburn, CA
Local Registrar: Shane Looper | (650) 871-0172
Design: Char Mutschler | creative designs with downward thrust
Horticulture: Darlene Newell | hydrangeas & vines, allied topic: "bees, perfect pollinators"

August 18-20, 2014 | Wintergreen, VA
Local Registrar: Judy Hodges | (434) 547-5332
Design: Barbara Baker | tapestry and stabiles, allied topic: color
Horticulture: David Robson | japanese maples & hydrangeas, allied topic: "do you know the handbook"

August 20-21, 2014 | Birmingham, AL
Local Registrar: Sybil Ingram | (205) 733-9536
Design: Jo Krallman | "there's something in the way it moves", allied topic: "reaching for the gold"
Horticulture: Marie Harrison | zinnia & convolvulaceae, allied topic: "schedule writing with new horticulture rules"

August 26-27, 2014 | Wilsonville, OR
Local Registrar: Georgia Zahar | (541) 686-8397
Design: Lynn Fronk | dual purpose creative designs and captivating color
Horticulture: Darlene Newell | exhibiting fruits & vegetables & chrysanthemums, allied topic: "bees, perfect pollinators"

August 27-28, 2014 | Cadillac, MI
Local Registrar: Lynn Dinvald | (269) 343-3827
Design: Penelope Decker | color - the rainbow connection, allied topic: "know thyself - hidden influence in judging"
Horticulture: Dorthy Yard | mini horticulture - downsizing big-time, allied topic: winning the big one

September 12-13, 2014 | West Salem, WI
Local Registrar: Carol Catlin | (920) 739-1983
Design: Lynn Fronk | kinetic design, allied topic: collages
Horticulture: Gay Austin | heuchera and dahlias

October 21-23, 2014 | Burlington, VT
Local Registrar: Jane Murphy | (802) 862-6067
Design: Julia Clevett | creativity: new trends & techniques, allied topic: those maddening mechanics
Horticulture: Darlene Newell | cacti: don't be spineless and fat and sassy succulents, allied topic: wheel of hortulana

October 23-26, 2014 | Elkins, W VA
Local Registrar: Brenda Moore | (304) 465-3647
Design: Lynn Fronk | creativity: armatures and alfresco designs, allied topic: topiaries
Horticulture: Darlene Newell | chrysanthemums, allied topic: conifers

October 26-28, 2014 | Altamonte Springs, FL
Local Registrar: Maureen Tuber | (407) 909-1461
Design: Penny Decker | explosion of color
Horticulture: David Robson | orchids, ferns, allied topic: so you think you know the handbook?

November 6-7, 2014 | Cranberry, PA
Local Registrar: Barbara Lotito | (724) 327-0501
Design: Penny Decker | "color, make it exciting!, allied topic: "three sides to judging"
Horticulture: Darlene Newell | "ferns older than dirt" & succulents, allied topic: "wheel of hortulana"

2015 Symposium Schedule

February 12-13, 2015 | Hernando, MS
Local Registrar: Pat Young | (662) 429-3060
Design: Julia Clevett | "with a spin of the wheel - color," allied topic: "what type judge are you?"
Horticulture: Dot Yard | allied topic: the handbook - where are we going?

April 28-29, 2015 | Bowie, MD
Local Registrar: Susan Middleton | (410) 238-5758
Design: Barbara May | abstract creative, color & light
Horticulture: Darlene Newell | flowering arboreal branches & ferns, allied topic: "wheel of hortulana"

For more information about a symposium near you, contact the chairman listed or:
Dot Yard, NGC Symposium Chairman