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2019-2021 Administration Highlights

A Message from President Gay Austin

Gay L. Austin,2019-2021 NGC President
Gay Austin, 2019-2021 NGC President

Two years ago in Biloxi, Mississippi, as the newly installed NGC President, I made the statement “We are capable of developing new skills, tackling new responsibilities and appreciating different points of view by working together to benefit our organization.”  Having experienced a world health crisis, it is quite evident that this is so true of all levels of garden club members.  Challenging times have forced us to create opportunities for new ways of thinking.  We were forced to pause activities for safety reasons, but we then forged forward with new ways of communication.  Through our efforts we successfully engaged active participation by members to continue the purposes of the NGC mission statement. 

From May 5 - 19, 2021, enjoy the highlights of accomplishments by our member clubs and affiliates on our website.  View topics, such as a video of our Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri; all NGC awards; Plant America, Espoma Organic Products and Ames Tools grant recipients; the first ever Virtual Flower Show “Perfect Vision”; artistic Photography; plus upcoming educational opportunities in all of our four schools (Landscape Design, Gardening, Environmental and Flower Show) 

As our home gardens have grown, so has National Garden Clubs, Inc.  Enthusiastically we have shared our passion with our world, allowing us to continue to bloom and grow together.  

Gay Austin, President

National Garden Clubs, Inc.