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Garden Therapy Spread Your Deeds to Those With Special Needs

by Bonnie Bornne, NGC Therapy Gardens
March 17, 2020

                                                                           GARGDEN THERAPY

                                                     Spread Your Deeds to Those with Special Needs


Everyone should have the pleasure of gardening! Garden therapy (horticulture therapy/therapy gardening) isdefined as the use of garden-related activities as an aid to the recovery and rehabilitation, the enjoyment and pleasure, of our disabled— physical or mental, young or old. 

Child in wheelchair

Garden Therapy has long been one of the most rewarding and popular objectives of garden club work. Club members are willing and eager to share their time, knowledge, plant material, imagination, and enthusiasmto others, who may have special needs, and to share some joy they have found in their own garden club activities and experiences. 

Man in wheelchair

Garden related is defined as: the growing of plants; the artistic use of plants and other natural materials; study of birds, butterflies, nature, and conservation; and the exhibiting of knowledge, interests, and skills in these areas.

Woman in sheelchair hoeing

When you are planning your garden club programs and projects this year, please try to include a comprehensive project or program on Garden Therapy. It may be in a school, hospital, or institution; or for homebound, lonely people, including children,and children with special needs.

Woman in garden looking at flowers

Member Services has a Garden Therapy Manual. The price is $10. This manual has 70 pages and contains useful suggestions for projects and programs.

Be sure to apply for NGC Award No. 19,or No. 48. Also, be sure to follow all award requirements and submit by deadline.

Editor's Note:  The Garden Therapy Manual is no longer being sold at National Garden Clubs, Inc.  Members may still apply for an award in Garden Therapy.


Bonnie Borne, NGC Therapy Gardens

for the Disabled Chairman

Article and photos reprinted with permission by the National Gardener, Summer 2016.

Editor’s Note:  The book, Garden Therapy Manual is no longer being sold at Member Services.


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