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Membership 21 By 21

by Diane Harbin, NGC Membership Committee
March 01, 2021



                                                                                       21 BY 21

Our local clubs are community-minded and work in partnership to create beauty, raise funds for student scholarships, develop and participate in educational programs and demonstrations. Garden clubs provide leadership opportunities to their members. One will enjoy friendships with people who share the love of gardening, flowers, and conserving the beauty of the earth for the next generation.

Each member builds a connection to people, projects, and programs that provide inspiration and valuable educational opportunities. Together, each member can help create a powerful voice towards conservation and education, as well as community involvement. Immediate Past NGC President Nancy Hargroves encouraged clubs to enroll new members, relating that during her travels she discovered clubs with closed memberships. These clubs had shocked Hargroves, by denying membership to two gardening professionals into their local clubs. Due to the restricted membership requirements, even professionals in the gardening world would be unable to obtain access to a garden club. Being well aware of the need for garden club members, Hargroves suggested that, “If they are breathing and can write a check, please accept them. You never know what gem you may find!”

How true this is. If one could not find a way to accept new members into their club, an alternative option could be to assist interested parties to form garden clubs of their own, with your club serving as the mentor club. Let’s reach out to all community members who express interest and find a way to help them become part of our world of garden club.

The goal of the NGC membership committee is to increase membership 21% by 2021. Let’s do our part to help attain that goal.


Diane Harbin, Member NGC Membership Committee



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