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Symposium Courses


National Garden Club School courses are open to everyone. Garden Club members may take courses for credit to become an Environmental, Gardening or Landscape Design Consultant or a Flower Show Judge. Consultants and Judges may also refresh their accreditation with course attendance. Master Gardener Volunteers often take courses to gain needed continuing education credits. All are welcome to attend for the joy of learning.

Flower Show Symposiums

Symposium is an in-depth course of design, horticulture and allied subjects pertaining to flower shows that is more advanced than presented in Flower Show Schools. Visit the Symposiums page for more information. See the Flower Show School page for more information on becoming a Flower Show Judge.

date Oct 03 - Oct 04, 2023 Mansfield, OH
Register: Jo'C Walker 216-496-6142
Design : Julia Clevett

Topics: Comparison between Traditional & Creative Designs 

 Allied Topic: Evaluating a Flower Show

Horticulture : Darlene Newell

Topics: Cucurbita & Succulents 

 Allied Topic: Vertical Gardening

date Oct 30 - Nov 01, 2023 Winter Park, FL
Register: Becky Schuberth 773-456-2050
Design : Claudia Bates

Topics: Multi-Rhythmic & Abstract Design

Allied Topic: Expression - Interpretation 

Horticulture : Jan Griffin

Topics: Cacti & Bromiliads

Allied Topic: BA-AC- Pressed Flower Notecards

date Nov 01 - Nov 02, 2023 Milford, MA
Register: Kathy Hawes 781-363-8443
Design : Frances Thrash

Topic: Low Profile & Panel Designs

Horticulture : Pam Braun

Topic: Botanical Arts- Manipulated Plants

Allied Topics: Combination Planting & Succulents 

date Nov 06 - Nov 08, 2023 Richmond, VA
Register: Claudia Cosby 804-794-7798
Design : Claudia Bates

Topics: Panel & Spatial Thrusts Designs

Allied Topics: Expression vs Interpretation

Horticulture : Darlene Newell

Topics: Evergreens & Cucurbits

Allied Topics: Vertical Gardening

date Nov 13 - Nov 15, 2023 Athens, GA
Register: Edna McClelland 706-889-1230
Design : Frances Thrash

Topic: Tables

Allied Topic: Design Techniques

Horticulture : Jan Griffin

Topic: Collections and Displays. Aeriods

Allied Topic: Staging Horticulture

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