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Symposium Courses


National Garden Club School courses are open to everyone. Garden Club members may take courses for credit to become an Environmental, Gardening or Landscape Design Consultant or a Flower Show Judge. Consultants and Judges may also refresh their accreditation with course attendance. Master Gardener Volunteers often take courses to gain needed continuing education credits. All are welcome to attend for the joy of learning.

Flower Show Symposiums

Symposium is an in-depth course of design, horticulture and allied subjects pertaining to flower shows that is more advanced than presented in Flower Show Schools. Visit the Symposiums page for more information. See the Flower Show School page for more information on becoming a Flower Show Judge.

None Scheduled
date May 31 - Jun 01, 2022 Tacoma, WA
Register: Dorothy Bertram 630-412-0143
Design : Shirley Tetreault

Topics: Multi Rhythmic & Angular Designs

Allied Topic: Design Mechanics

Horticulture : Jan Griffin

Topic: Flowering Branches & Conifers

Allied Topic: Creative Staging for Horticulture

date Jun 03 - Jun 05, 2022 Lancaster, PA
Register: Joanne Baylis 717-688-5571
Design : Lynn Fronk

Topic: Color in Design

Allied Topic: Ethics at the Flower Show

Sue Kirkman : Horticulture

Topics: Collections & Displays

Allied Topic: Horticulture Specialty Show

date Jun 14 - Jun 15, 2022 Independence, OH
Register: Marilee Zarbock 440-478-7002
Design : Lynn Fronk

Topics: Spatial Thrust & Parallel Designs

Horticulture : Sue Kirkman

Topics: Container grown Herbs & Roses

Allied Topics: Planning a Horticulture Specialty Flower Show

date Jun 15 - Jun 16, 2022 Poughkeepsie, NY
Register: Ellen Webster 315-336-3444
Design : Claudia Bates

Topic: Multi-Rhythmic & Featured Plant Material Designs

Allied Topic: Design Techniques & Mechanics     

Horticulture : David Robson

Topics: Hostas & Cut Ferns


date Jun 15 - Jun 16, 2022 Columbia, SC
Register: Donna Donnelly 803-864-7594
Design : Penny Decker

Topic: Designs- Creative Abstract Creative & Tapestry Designs

Allied Topic: Exploration

Horticulture : Darlene Newell

Topic: Roses & Collections and Displays

Allied Topics: Botanical Arts Horticulture

date Jun 28 - Jun 30, 2022 Paducah, KY
Register: Susan Leo 941-321-9230
Design : Claudia Bates

Topics: Multi-Rhythmic & Cascade Designs

Allied Topic: Floral Design Mechanics

Horticulture : Jan Griffin

Topics: Hollies & Hydrangeas

Allied Topic: Looking Plant Material as Art

date Jul 18 - Jul 19, 2022 San Diego, CA
Register: Linda Lang 951-663-5237
Design : Gina Jogan

Topics: Transparency & Multi- Rhythmic Designs

2 Hour Allied Topic: Contrived Flower Forms & Judging Ethics 

Horticulture : David Robson

Topics: Fruits/ Vegetables & Pelargonium

date Jul 29 - Jul 30, 2022 Albuquerque, NM
Register: Suzy Andrego 505-259-3318
Design : Gina Jogan

Topics: Traditional, Creative, and Floor Designs

Allied Topic: Comments & Techniques in Design (2 hour Allied)

Horticulture : Darlene Newell

Topics: Combination Plantings & Evergreen Shrubs

date Aug 02 - Aug 03, 2022 St. Louis, MO
Register: Wilma Conley 618-670-7994
Design : Gina Jogan

Topic: Creative Mass & Grouped Mass Designs

Allied Topic: BA Botanical Arts

Horticulture : David Robson

Topic: Cut Ferns & Asteraceae

Allied Topic: Botanical Arts Schedule

date Aug 03 - Aug 04, 2022 Birmingham, AL
Register: Sybil Ingram 205-410-2947
Design : Jo Krallman

Topics: Creative Designs

Allied Topic: Exploration

Horticulture : Pam Braun

Topics: Ferns & Coleus

Allied Topic: Grooming Mechanics for Horticulture

date Aug 22 - Aug 23, 2022 Manchester, NH
Register: Kathy Perkins 802-775-3280
Design : Julia Clevett

Topics: Cascade & Abstractive Creative Designs

Allied Topic: Pollinators in the Garden - Presented by: Michelle Mensinger & Arabella Dane (One Hour)

Horticulture : Darlene Newell

Topics: Collections & Displays

Allied Topic: Botanical Arts Horticulture

date Sep 09 - Sep 11, 2022 Milwaukee, WI
Register: Kitty Larkin 262-295-2922
Design : Claudia Chopp

Topic: Assemblages & Armature Designs

Horticulture : David Robson

Topics: Tomato Plants, Composites, Fall Blooms

*In place of Allied Topics for Design & Horticulture: Will Radler on Growing Roses, plus a 2 hour tour

date Sep 13 - Sep 14, 2022 Great Falls, MT
Register: Patty Howse 406-452-1455
Design : Claudia Bates

Topics: American Traditional Design vs. Creative Design

Allied Topic: Fantasy Forms

Horticulture : Pam Braun

Topics: Succulents & Composite Flowers

Allied Topic: Making a Topiary

date Sep 13 - Sep 14, 2022 East Lansing, MI
Register: Lynn Miller 616-676-2274
Design : Jackie Davis

Topics: Assemblages & Transparency Designs

Allied Topics: Botanical Arts Decorated Object

Horticulture : David Robson

Topics: Summer Annuals & Fall Composite

Allied Topics: Are Our Comments Written Correctly

date Sep 28 - Sep 29, 2022 Little Rock, AR
Register: Terri Waterman 405-821-9587
Design : Claudia Bates

Topic: Cascade & Multi-Rhythmic Designs

Allied Topic: Design Techniques

Horticulture : Karen Booker

Topic: Pelargoniums & Chrysanthemums

Allied Topic: To be decided later

date Oct 02 - Oct 04, 2022 San Antonio, TX
Register: Lisa Thurmond 210-865-0361
Design : Trece Chancellor

Topics: Table Designs

Allied Topic: Judging Etiquette & Handbook Updates

Horticulture : Jan Griffin

Topics: Butterfly and Pollinator Plants

date Oct 12 - Oct 13, 2022 East Windsor, NJ
Register: Jane Bersch 609-654-6580
Design : Julia Clevett

Topics: Abstract Creative Designs & Cascade

Allied Topic: Flower Show Evaluation

Horticulture : Jan Griffin

Topics: Ilex & Cactus

Allied Topic: Creative Staging for Horticulture

date Oct 24 - Oct 26, 2022 Bowie, MD
Register: Marjorie Glennan 410-987-9028
Design : Julia Clevett

Topics: A Comparison between Traditional & Creative Designs

Allied Botanical Arts Design: Exploration

Horticulture : Darlene Newell

Topics: Fall Flowering Plants & Combination Plantings

Allied Topic: Every Plant has a Story

date Nov 01 - Nov 02, 2022 Meridian, MS
Register: Melinda Causey 601-681-9706
Design : Jo Krallman

Topic: Exhibition Tables

Allied Topic: Petite Designs (two hour topic)

Horticulture : Gay Austin

Topics: Ilex & Euphorbias

date Nov 06 - Nov 08, 2022 Parrish, FL
Register: Bessie Morse 727-215-6666
Design : Lynn Fronk

Topic: Cascade & Grouped Mass Designs

Allied Topic: Botanical Arts - Collage & Plaque

Horticulture : Jan Griffin

Topics: Araceae & Marantacae 

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