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Operation Wildflower

Native Plants and Wildflowers

A grant of up to $500 is available to be used towards direct expenses for an educational program on the subject of native plants and Wildflowers. State Garden Clubs, districts, councils and individual garden clubs may co-sponsor a symposium with state agencies, arboreta, native plant societies, or similar organizations. Gardeners are eager for information on native plants; state highway or transportation departments need publicity and support for their planting programs. Try to schedule the date when wildflowers are in bloom in your location.

What to Include

  • One or more topics on native flora: endangered species, plants for butterflies, plants for special habitats, identification using keys, invasive species management, etc.
  • Public planting: state highways, rest areas, preservation of community natural areas.
  • Propagation of wildflowers.
  • Designing native plant gardens or developing nature trails.
  • Native Plants and Wildflower Awards information.

How to Apply

  • At least two months in advance send two copies of the tentative program and a copy of the proposed budget to this chairman.
  • If approved, half of the grant requested will be sent by NGC.
  • At the conclusion of the workshop, within two months, send a short report, including a financial statement and the number of people in attendance, two copies of the final program, and any publicity.

Application Form and Information

For more information, contact:
Christine Wood, Chairman: Wildflower Symposiums and Workshops


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