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Flower Show School Courses


National Garden Clubs' School courses are open to everyone. Garden Club members may take courses for credit to become an Environmental Consultant, Gardening Consultant, Landscape Design Consultant or a Flower Show Judge. Consultants and Judges may also refresh their accreditation with course attendance including Multiple Refreshers or Flower Show Symposiums. Master Gardener Volunteers often take courses needed to gain continuing education credits (CEC's). All are welcome to attend for the joy of learning.

Flower Show School

Flower Show School is a comprehensive program that teaches all you need to know about judging, entering, competing and chairing a NGC flower show. Please see the Flower Show School page for more information. CLICK EACH TAB BELOW TO FIND A SPECIFIC COURSE.

date Oct 05 - Oct 07, 2023 Ann Arbor, MI
Register: Ronalee Polad 517-896-4442
FSP & Horticulture : Pam Braun

Topics: Asteracea - cut & Conifers

Design : Lynn Fronk

Traditional Floral Designs

date Nov 06 - Nov 08, 2023 Metairie, LA
Register: Debbie Corales 985-845-7773
FSP & Hortictulre : Pam Braun

Topics: Asteraceae & Ilex


Design : Kathleen Hawryluk

Topics: Traditional Line, Line Mass, & Mass

date Oct 23 - Oct 25, 2023 Brentwood, TN
Register: Linda Peterson 615-308-7459
FSP & Horticulture : Pam Braun

Topics: Asteraceae & Ilex

Design : Judy Binns

Topics: Table & Petite Designs

date Nov 14 - Nov 16, 2023 Pearl, MS
Register: Carol Bullard 662-561-2348
FSP & Horticulture : David Robson

Ilex and Aroids

Design : Judy Binns

Tables and Petites

date Oct 02 - Oct 05, 2023 South Barrington, IL
Register: Laurel DeBoer 847-651-5653
FSP & Horticulture : Sue Kirkman

Begonias and Combination Plantings

Design : Judy Binns

Creative Design

date Oct 17 - Oct 19, 2023 Wilsonville, Oregon
Register: Beverly Seibel 971-295-0683
FSP & Horticulture : Judy Newman

Succulents & Combination Plantings

Design : Frances Thrash

Creative and Angular

date Sep 30 - Oct 06, 2023 Derby, CT
Register: Deb Osborne 203-770-9398
FSP : Barbara May

Via Zoom on 9/30/2023

Design : Kay Vosburgh

In-Person on 10/4-6/2023

Topics: Creative Design Characteristics & Abstract Design

Horticulture : Judy Newman

In-Person on 10/4-6/2023

Topics: Holly & Collection and Displays 

date Oct 12 - Oct 15, 2023 Plymouth Meeting, PA
Register: Elaine Watters 267-218-0167
FSP & Design : Gina Jogan

Creative Abstract

Horticulture : Sue Kirkman

Collections & Displays

Container Grown Plants - Succulents (Aloe, Echeveria)

date Mar 12 - Mar 14, 2024 Tacoma, WA
Register: Dorothy Bertram 360-412-0143
FSP & Horticulture : David Robson

Flowering Trees & Shrubs (Viburnum) and Collections/Displays

Design : Gina Jogan

Abstract and Creative Designs

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