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Human Interest Stories

Communication and the Future of NGC Blogs

by Peggy Riccio
April 24, 2023

The Future of NGC Blogs by Brenda Moore, NGC President-Elect

Originally blogs were sent to subscribers and appeared on our website once a week,
They can cover a variety of topics including working with youth, and beating the heat;
Pest control, leadership, wildlife, hands-on projects such as making hypertufas,
Human interest stories, pollinators, gardening tips such as growing your own luffas.
Incoming articles slowed down and submissions were only made by three then two,
There weren’t enough articles submitted, so we lessened monthly postings to a few.  
For the next administration, we’re asking our blog readers and members to volunteer,
to take the time to write and submit an article so that our blogs won’t disappear.
Consider submitting an article that you feel passionately about, or maybe even two.
We’re hoping to keep our blog articles going, but that will all depend on you.

One of National Garden Clubs’ communication sources is our blog which goes out to over 750 subscribers and can also be found on our website’s home page

NGC blog postings started with many article submissions from many different writers and on a variety of topics. Blogs were posted once a week. The decision to change blog postings to every other week was made because there weren’t enough blog submissions coming in to post weekly. We want to thank Peggy Riccio, the 2021-2023 Blog chair who carried the blogs though the 2021-2023 administration, which included writing many of them.

The benefits of National Garden Clubs having blogs are many:

  1. A blog brings traffic to your website.
  2. A blog can help strengthen brand recognition and market your organization.
  3. A blog can help you build an engaging audience including potential members.
  4. A blog allows you to educate readers.
  5. A blog helps you build authority in your industry.
  6. A blog is a way to share announcements and news.
  7. A blog tends to attract younger readers.

If blogs are to continue, we need blog submissions and we need subscribers/readers. These are short articles that take little time to write or to read.  The goal is to have one blog posted/sent out per month. That could be more often depending on the number of articles received. It could also mean less or that blogs could cease altogether. We’d also appreciate you taking the time to subscribe to receive the blogs. We need to become life-long learners when it comes to gardening issues.

A blog post is an article that expresses a writer’s point of view on a subject. NGC blog articles should be 300 - 1500 words in length. They should take the average viewer approximately seven minutes to read.
blog-guidelines-september-2020.pdf (

Please read the guidelines and use the following form to submit articles:
Blog Submission Form (

A special thank you goes out to our 2023-2025 Blog Chair, Nancy Rana,  

National Garden Clubs, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that aims to promote the love of gardening, floral design, and civic and environmental responsibility. There is a local club near you, click here to find one and join. Subscribe to the NGC’s blog by entering your e-mail here. You do not have to be an NGC member to subscribe. NGC welcomes blog article submissions, e-mail the Blog Administrator at


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