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Youth Gardens & Clubs

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Youth Clubs

All clubs of National Garden Clubs may organize and/or sponsor a Youth Garden Club. Some benefits to students include:

  • Introduction to the art and science of gardening using fundamental math, reading and writing skills, as well as practical applications.
  • Increasing awareness of the environment, natural resources, ecology, conservation, composting, and recycling.
  • Helping to raise standardized test scores, especially in science.
  • Encourages creativity through observing the cycles of life.
  • Development of leadership skills.
  • Provision of opportunities for participation and recognition with nationally sponsored contests and awards.
  • Nurturing of interests at a young age may lead to future hobbies and career opportunities.

Each established Youth Garden Club is registered annually with the state garden club, in turn automatically registering the club as a member of National Garden Clubs.

Many NGC members also work with youth in settings other than a Youth Garden Club. Youth Gardening Programs by NGC clubs can be affiliated with a school, church, neighborhood, day-care centers, or established youth organizations such as Scouts, 4-H, science and ecology clubs, Master Gardeners, and Future Farmers of America.

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Gardens for Children

Gardening opens whole new areas of exploration, awareness, enjoyment, amazement, and learning for children.

View the listing of Children's Gardens across the United States that were created to spark an interest and love of gardening in children, not only to improve and maintain our environment but for the sheer fun of "digging in the dirt."