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PLANT AMERICA- Wildlife Habitat Certification Program

Gardening for Wildlife

As garden club members we should be aiming to practice sustainability in our personal landscapes. Habitats are being lost to development and we can hold the key to preserving them for future generations. As development pushes natural habitats further and further back, we can encourage wildlife to co-exist with us in our own landscapes. Biodiversity is a key to successful wildlife habitat. You get to choose the wildlife you want to encourage. It may be only birds, small mammals, and insects. You can provide food, water, cover and places for animals and insects to raise their young. Work to reduce areas of lawn. Make conscious choices when choosing plants for your garden. Look for plants that are native and keep away from invasive species. Good plant choices provide fruit and seeds for native wildlife. Native trees make good choices.  Keep a clean water source such as a small fountain or birdbath, or if you have enough property, build a pond. Provide a wood pile or leave a dead tree. Check the NGC website for the application and get YOUR GARDEN registered as a National Garden Club Certified Wildlife Habitat. You will receive a certificate and may purchase a plaque to display in your garden. I am looking forward to seeing these plaques in member gardens across the United States.

Apply to Register Your Garden

APPLY HERE to have your garden registered as a National Garden Club Certified Wildlife Habitat! Once approved, you will have the option to purchase the NGC signage below to display in your garden. 

Wildlife Plaque

For questions regarding the PLANT AMERICA- Wildlife Habitat Certification Program

Barbara Campbell- Wildlife Habitat Certification Chairman