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Flower Show Symposiums are an in-depth course of design, horticulture and allied subjects pertaining to flower shows that is more advanced than presented in Flower Show Schools.


Continuing Education

These courses are primarily intended for Flower Show Judges to maintain their credentials, but all garden club members interested in learning more about flower shows, floral design and horticulture are encouraged to attend.

All NGC Accredited Flower Show Judges are required to attend NGC Symposiums in order to remain in Good Standing. Good Standing is necessary if a judge wishes to continue judging and evaluating flower shows. By attending and passing all Point Scoring Examinations, a judge advances from Accredited Judge to Accredited Life Judge and then finally Accredited Master Judge.

For more information on Symposiums, please contact Lynn Fronk, NGC Symposiums Chair.

Levels of Judges

Student Judge

This status and title are given to a student who has successfully completed three courses in the NGC FSS Series, becoming eligible to serve on judging panels and earn judging credits, in addition to exhibiting credits in Flower Shows.


Accredited Judge

Status and title of an individual when all four FSS courses and schedule writing have been passed, required exhibiting and judging completed and Handbook Exam passed.


Accredited Life Judge

Status and title of an Accredited Judge having passed three refreshers and other requirements. This elevates a judge to Level 3 "Accredited Life Judge."


Accredited Master Judge

Status and title of an Accredited Life Judge having passed two additional refreshers. This elevated a judge to Level 4 "Accredited Master Judge."


Emeritus Master Judge

The status and title for a Master Flower Show Judge who is no longer active or required to remain in Good Standing. Emeritus Master Judges may not judge or evaluate Flower Shows.

Floral Design of White Branches and Red Anthurium

Attend a Symposium

Looking for a Symposium near you or across the country? Check out these opportunities for expanding your knowledge of the Flower Shows.