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Multiple Refreshers

Multiple Refreshers provide new information on environmental issues, gardening and landscape design. Open to all, Multiple Refreshers provide NGC accredited Environmental, Gardening and Landscape Design Consultants the opportunity to maintain their consultant status.

Multiple Refreshers

Continuing Education

Multiple Refreshers provide an opportunity for National Garden Club's Environmental, Gardening and Landscape Design Consultants to maintain their accreditation status. Refreshers are open to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of the natural world in their community or their in their own backyard. Local experts engage attendees with topics related to the environment, gardening and landscape design.

For more information on Multiple Refreshers, please contact Doris Duckworth, Multiple Refreshers Chairman.

Multiple Refreshers Information

The National Garden Clubs, Inc. offers four schools for the enrichment and educational growth of its members. Schools offered are Environmental, Flower Show, Gardening and Landscape Design. Upon completion of four courses in any one school (Environmental, Gardening or Landscape Design), a member attains the status of Consultant. Upon completion of four Refresher Credits, one attains the status of Master Consultant. To maintain Master status, consultants must refresh at least once within a five-year period. A Consultant can receive one refresher credit per school per calendar year. A Master Consultant can receive credit in those schools for which he/she is already a Master Consultant.

NGC School Courses are intended primarily for garden club members but the public is welcome to attend. In some cases, Master Gardeners from County Cooperative Extension Programs may attend to fulfill requirements for continuing education credits. The goal for offering Multiple Refreshers is not only to maintain accreditation status; they also provide exploration of current trends and promote interest in NGC Schools. Garden Clubs, Consultants’ Councils, States, Regions or NGC may sponsor a course or Multiple Refresher.


How Consultants May Refresh

One Course

Complete any of the courses within his/her chosen school  - Environmental, Gardening or Landscape Design.

Multiple Refreshers Credit Chart


Complete a Bi-Refresher of two schools. Subject matter, equally divided between the two schools, may overlap.

Multiple Refreshers Credit Chart


Complete a Tri-Refresher of three schools. Subject matter, equally divided between the three schools, may overlap.

Multiple Refreshers Credit Chart

What You Need to Know - Multiple Refreshers

Interested in hosting a refresher? Are you a Consultant needing to refresh? Here is everything you need to know.

This document tells you everything you need to know to host a Multiple Refresher. A Multiple Refresher may cover any two or all three of the following disciplines: Environmental, Gardening or Landscape Design School.

Steps to a Multiple Refresher

Thinking of hosting a Multiple Refresher? Use this form to submit your request.

Mutiple Refreshers Request 1a-2020

Use this form to submit information on your Multiple Refresher topics and instructors. Please add detailed outlines for each topic.

Multiple Refreshers Request 1b-2020

Consultants use this form to document your refreshing history and plans.

Multiple Refreshers Consultant's Record

Multiple Refresher event personnel use this form to record Environmental Consultant attendees.

Multiple Refreshers Environmental Consultant Roster 3a-2020

Multiple Refresher event personnel use this form to record Gardening Consultant attendees.

Multiple Refreshers Gardening Consultant Roster 3b-2020

Multiple Refresher event personnel use this form to record Landscape Design Consultant attendees.

Multiple Refreshers Landscape Design Consultant Roster 3c-2020

Multiple Refresher Event Chair use this form to summarize all attendees.

Multiple Refresher Summary 4-2020

Consultants and Master Consultants use this chart to determine your eligibility for receiving credit at a Multiple Refresher.

Multiple Refreshers Credit Chart

Multiple Refreshers Courses

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Attend a Multiple Refresher

Looking for a Multiple Refresher near you or across the country? Check out these opportunities for expanding your knowledge of the natural world.