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PLANT AMERICA- Plant for Pollinators

Planting for Pollinators

National Garden Clubs President Brenda Moore wants to encourage NGC members to make our gardens more than just beautiful.  That’s why she created the National Garden Clubs Pollinator Garden Certification program. Our gardens can support birds, bees and other insects, and this program provides the incentive to take additional steps to make sure we’re providing all the components to help pollinators thrive. 

We’ve created a checklist to make sure you have everything you need to support pollinators:

  1. Food sources
  2. Water Source
  3. Areas to raise young

You probably already have several plants that provide pollen and nectar.  But could you add a few native plants that are perhaps a better source of food?  Could you add a shrub that has berries for wintertime nutrition?  You don’t have to install a pond, but what about a birdbath?  Consider adding a heater for fresh water in the winter.  Many of us have birdhouses in our gardens, but if not, a small, inconspicuous log or brush pile can provide a safe place for insects to nest.

In addition to providing food, water, and shelter, think about your gardening practices and what you can do better to support pollinators.  Naturalists are encouraging us to “leave the leaves” in the fall for insects that overwinter in leaves, and to wait until spring for garden clean up since some insect larvae stay in hollow stems until spring.

We all want to do what we can to support pollinators—their lives depend on us. By making a few tweaks to our gardens we can make them feel right at home!

Apply to Register Your Garden

APPLY HERE to have your yard recognized as a National Garden Clubs Certified Pollinator Garden! Once approved, you will have the option to order an NGC Certified Pollinator Garden Yard Sign!

Pollinator Sign

For questions regarding the PLANT AMERICA- Plant for Pollinators project, please contact:

Virginia Schmidt, Plant for Pollinators Chairman