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Youth Programs

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Activities to Engage Children and Teens

To educate our youth, and to nurture a sense of world stewardship in the next generation of gardeners, National Garden Clubs has developed numerous projects directed at children and teenagers. Community participation in youth programs is sponsored by local, state, and regional garden clubs, as well as international affiliates.

Through these programs, clubs and affiliates aim to encourage tomorrow's citizens to be responsible and capable with greater self-expression, dignity, integrity, respect and knowledge of their environment.

NGC's youth outreach includes a wide range of activities, scholarships, and contests designed to promote horticulture and a love of gardening, conservation, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. Several of these popular national programs include partnerships with such organizations as the U.S. Forest Service.

Open new doors for in-depth creative learning and educational opportunities centered on the natural resources of planet earth: our air, water, forest, land, and wildlife. Education is the key to making responsible decisions for today and tomorrow. Educated citizens are responsible stewards, who can then make wise choices for conserving and protecting our planet earth and its natural resources.

Award Opportunities for Youth of All Ages

National Garden Clubs provides many educational opportunities through competitions for the youth at the pre-school, elementary, middle, and high school level. Current contests include:

*Due to low participation, the High School Essay contest will not continue at this time.

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Become an Ecology Warrior!

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The Environmental Concerns and Conservation Committee of National Garden Clubs, Inc. invites you to become an Ecology Warrior as you investigate and study the contents of our Ecology Warriors Workbook (linked in the resources below). 

Remember, you can Make a World of Difference through the choices you make for the conservation and preservation of our natural resources. It's just a matter of what kind of difference you want to make. Choices matter!

AHS National Children & Youth Garden Symposium

For more than 20 years, the National Children & Youth Garden Symposium (NCYGS) has educated thousands of teachers who have, in turn, gone on to educate over a million children: A million children who take this knowledge and apply it to the world around them with curiosity, energy, and genuine appreciation.


For more information, contact:

Sue Bennett, Youth Committee Chairman